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There is a tenet in Restorative Justice that says there is a core self in all of us and that core self is good, wise and powerful. This self cannot be taken away or removed. It exists in EVERY BEING, beyond any emotion or action, and is the source of all dignity. This is our inner light.

The harsh realities of the world, however, often cause that light to become covered, dimmed or hidden.

Without a daily recognition of that light and practices to bring the core self out into the open, it will likely remain in darkness. When this happens, our potential is minimized as is the world’s. Because without each of our lights, we are less capable of living our purpose and of creating a world that is full of safety, belonging and possibility.

Return to the Roots reminds us that the light is there and there are ways of bringing it back out into the open again.

How do we do this? Through Transformative Movement Practices, Storytelling + Theater, and Restorative Justice.

Return to the Roots believes we must develop and nurture healthy relationships with ourselves, each other and the planet if we are to build a better world.

Ways to Access the Light

Transformative Movement

We begin with Movement because it helps us come home to ourselves and build a relationship with our bodies, intuition and that internal voice/light. It turns down the mental noise and allows us to access a purer knowing.

Storytelling + Theater

We then move towards Storytelling +Theater because by sharing our truth with others, we let both our light and our darkness be seen. This way we can be heard, held and related to by others instead of hidden away.

Restorative Justice

Ultimately, we must also address our Systems. Return to the Roots specifically works within the school system and wherever young people are found because we believe that they are our future and we must support them if we are going to survive and thrive as a world.

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