Blissfully Use Cases

Simplify Business Operations

Most teams within fast growing organizations have adopted best in class point solutions for their unique functions. Blissfully integrates with these disparate systems to empower automated workflows while continuously maintaining your IT system of record.

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Take control of SaaS Chaos

Every modern IT team struggles to know what's happening throughout the organization. Blissfully provides real-time visibility and the necessary tools to turn this chaos into bliss.

Replace your Spreadsheets

Move away from your static spreadsheets and into a world where you can empower stakeholders across the business with the answers they're looking for in an intuitive, integrated platform.

Spend Optimization

Put SaaS control back in the hands of the business operations team: Blissfully lets IT, Finance, and team leaders view organization-wide SaaS usage, cost, and subscription information all in one place. This complete view lets your team immediately find cost savings, and gives you a platform to optimize future spending.

Employee On- and Offboarding

Trigger an onboarding in your HR tool, Blissfully, or G Suite. Blissfully generates a list of apps to be provisioned and who's responsible - whether that's IT, HR, your team lead, or the new hire themselves.

Security & Compliance

GDPR, ISO 27001, and more. Stay on top of data security with a system of record for all your SaaS applications that always stays up to date with Blissfully's SaaS codex.