IT Collaboration

Automatically uncover your complete SaaS Graph, enrich it, and keep it up to date to create a system of record and replace your spreadsheet.

Blissfully enables a positive CX experience by making sure every department has the right tools and channels for effective communication.

Steven Russell, CX Manager

Employee Help Desk

Field requests from employees in a way that works for you and your team. Configure the tickets available in the employee portal, route them to the right person, and keep the requestor in the loop on progress.

Team Management

Organize IT in the same way you organize your company - with accurate hierarchical org chart and teams, team leads to manage their apps, reporting at the team level, and more.

Employee Portal

Blissfully's central location for employees to manage their tools, tasks, requests, and communicate with team leaders.


Maintain the principle of least permission in Blissfully. Role-based access control lets you grant just the right permissions to Finance users, HR users, Team Leads, or any other role you wish to define.