SaaS Management

Blissfully helped create the SaaS management category, and we'll automatically track your apps and vendors, help you save money, and simplify how you manage SaaS.

We identified enough duplicate SaaS subscriptions during our first contract term to justify the Blissfully contract, and time-savings from workflows allowed us to onboard five employees in the same time it used to take us to complete one.

Steven Russell, CX Manager

SaaS Management Features

Automatic SaaS Discovery

Automatically discover apps used throughout the entire company through our various integrations.

Benchmarking Data

With data from thousands of companies, we can benchmark your SaaS spend and app usage depending on your company stage.

Spend Reporting

Track your vendor spend over time by team and department and identify any important trends

Usage Tracking

Understand adoption and usage of tools by employees to make informed purchase and renewal decisions.