SevenRooms Case Study

How SevenRooms Streamlined Cross-Functional Technology Management with Blissfully


SevenRooms is a fully-integrated, data-driven guest experience platform for hospitality operators that enables them to build direct relationships, deliver exceptional experiences, and increase repeat visits and orders. The company operates in over 250 cities across the world, with a global workforce of 120+ employees across North America, Europe and Asia.


Decentralized data created operational challenges and inefficient processes across departments. With data stored across several places, SevenRooms struggled with consistent visibility into their full technology landscape -- including security, vendor spend, usage and licensing.


Blissfully’s comprehensive IT platform enabled SevenRooms to manage processes with automated workflows across every department. This, coupled with vendor organization and cost visibility, helped mature SevenRooms' IT operations. Now, SevenRooms is able to leverage Blissfully's suite of tools to drive cost savings and time efficiencies, with the added benefit of being able to scale these operations as the organization grows.

Now, SevenRooms is able to accurately scrape their organizational data to create time and cost-savings that help their business be more efficient today, while simultaneously empowering scaling in the future.

Blissfully has given us a complete picture of all our IT assets. They have the potential to be THE lightweight, full-fledged, IT service management platform tool — the future ServiceNow of the mid-market.

Ronald Lee, Director of Security, Compliance, and Risk