Maintain the principle of least permission in Blissfully. Role-based access control lets you grant just the right permissions to Finance users, HR users, Team Leads, or any other role you wish to define.

We’re really trying to create a smooth employee experience, and Blissfully defined this for us, stopping 50-chain email threads while keeping IT, Finance, and HR departments compliant and in the loop.

Scott Boddye, IT Systems Analyst

RBAC Features

App Admins

Allow App Admins to directly manage and maintain key data on the tools in their purview.

Custom Role Creation

Define custom roles with granular permissions to provide the employees with the right level of permissions and data access.

Finance Role

Provision a role specifically for Finance users in Blissfully, with access to spend and reporting.

IT Admins

Delineate responsibilities by assigning an IT admin to every app, then assign tickets and tasks to that role.

Support multiple personas

Create custom roles with different permissions within Blissfully. Easily maintain principle of least privilege.

Team Lead Role

Specify a Team Lead for each team, with all the visibility and permissions needed.