Employee Portal

Blissfully's central location for employees to manage their tools, tasks, requests, and communicate with team leaders.

The decision to work with Blissfully came down to functionality — an app catalogue that scales combined with an inventory of access powered through workflows was a major selling point.

Ronald Lee, Director of Security, Compliance & Risk

Employee Portal Features

App Catalog

Let employees discover in-use apps and request new ones from within the employee portal.

Collaborative Onboarding

Coordinate seamless onboardings every time with Blissfully's onboarding workflows. Your new hires and your auditor will thank you.

Complete assigned tasks

Give employees tasks they can review and mark complete in the employee portal.

Create Requests

Let employees ask for what they need in a way that works for you with ticketing right in the employee portal.

Employee Self Onboarding Steps

e.g. 2FA, Self-service apps available on domain

Request Access to App

Employees can request access to the apps they need right from their employee portal. Customize the request form to fit your process and needs, then field their requests with Blissfully's ticketing tool.

Request new vendors

Allow employees to submit requests for new vendors they'd like to use.

Update relevant information

Source data from multiple applications to have a complete information on your employees.