Workflows and Automations

Workflows and automations to collaboratively manage, control, and track SaaS changes across the entire organization. Blissfully automatically creates an audit trail after every workflow for security and compliance.

The flexibility of using workflows for managing processes adds a lot of value. It’s not just for the IT department, it improves cross-functional organization, communication, and efficiency that trickles down to our broader employee experience.”

Ronald Lee, Director of Security, Compliance & Risk

Vendor Workflows

Begin a vendor approval, renewal, or termination in seconds. Blissfully delegates critical tasks to the responsible parties and makes sure important vendor information is easily accessible.

SaaS Operations

Blissfully is the #1 SAAS OPERATIONS PLATFORM on G2, with advanced functionality to streamline your operations.

Employee Workflows

Onboarding, offboarding, requests, approvals, and more. Blissfully automatically executes what it can, and triggers notifications for everyone that has an open task. Regular reminders make sure everything gets done.

Advanced Workflow Logic

Capture complicated processes with ease. Use role-based assignment, scheduled tasks, blockers, and more to make work happen as planned.

IT Automations

Blissfully's powerful IT automations take care of repetitive tasks, saving time, money, and sanity.


Connect your stack for maximum automation. Integrate with Blissfully's API to sync data and trigger actions with your other tools.