Vendor Management

Stay on top of your contracts, never miss a renewal, set up an approval process that works, and keep spending under control.

Procurement would be a giant mess if it wasn’t for Blissfully.

Tad Whitaker, Head of Security

Vendor Management Features

Automated Invoice Detection

Automatically detect invoices that are sent to employees across the company to help identify duplicate spend and shadow IT.

Contract Management

Keep your contracts right where you need them. Upload them in Blissfully, then record key metadata for easy access.

Vendor Document Management

Maintain all of your key vendor contracts and documents in one platform for easy access.

Vendor Enrichment with Codex

A tool that knows your tools. Blissfully's proprietary database of vendors and apps gives you key information at a glance for thousands of tools, including their compliance status, contact information, and more.

Vendor Metadata

Centralize your knowledge. Centralize all your vendor and app metadata, including unlimited custom properties.

Vendor System of Record

Track and manage all of your vendors on a single comprehensive platform.

Renewal calendar

Track all your opt-out and renewal dates in one place.

Benchmarking Data

With data from thousands of companies, we can benchmark your SaaS spend and app usage depending on your company stage.

Contract Concierge

Extract and maintain up-to-date metadata on all of your vendor agreements through Blissfully's Contract Concierge service.