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We’re teaming up with SaaS buying powerhouse Vendr!

Today, the Blissfully team is excited to share that we’re teaming up with SaaS buying leader, Vendr, to bring our customers the single best way to buy and manage software. The entire SaaS buying and management process—from request for purchase to spend approval, security and legal...

February 23, 2022 in
workflow software

Workflow Software: How It Helps Your Team Ship Better Work

Workflow software enables teams to refine their processes and ship work with more agility. About 97% of IT leaders say process automation is a key part of achieving business outcomes and innovation. Yet for most teams, working seamlessly isn’t something that comes naturally. Bottlenecks...

January 13, 2022 in
iaas paas saas

Do You Know the 3 Key Differences Between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS

If you work in a modern office or use a computer on a daily basis, chances are you use cloud service software that helps you conduct business. Cloud services provide easy access to business tools with only needing a personal computing device and an internet connection. Some examples include...

December 13, 2021 in
maturity model

Maturity Models and How They Make Your Business Better: A Beginner’s Guide

A maturity model can be a great tool to help you assess the effectiveness of a current group or individual. They describe known states of being at various levels for given disciplines. Likewise, they provide examples companies can use to improve their businesses or processes. To understand how...

December 13, 2021 in
SaaS Operations Management

SaaS Operations Management: A Quick Guide for Companies

Today, the average company uses hundreds of software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools, creating the need for SaaS operations management (SOM). Chances are your people, from CIOs to IT leaders, already use tools like Slack to collaborate, Zoom for webinars, Salesforce to track sales and contacts....

December 13, 2021 in
exit interview questions

The 12 Best Exit Interview Questions to Improve Your Workplace

All jobs end eventually. Some relationships last for years, while others end sooner—often on good terms, like when an employee is promoted or changes career paths. Whatever the reason that employment relationships end, employers have an opportunity to learn from it and improve future...