CircleCI Case Study

How CircleCI Used Blissfully to Centralize Data and Increase Company-Wide Visibility


CircleCI helps software engineers build, test, and deploy software into production, and has over 400 employees. The company is pioneering quality software development, and similarly embraces innovative technology in-house.


CircleCI struggled to keep track of GDPR data, 3rd party vendors, employee on/offboarding, and SaaS usage with Google Sheets — the disjointed process lacked efficiency, security, and reliable data.


CircleCI’s Security team implemented Blissfully by integrating every department’s data into one centralized system.

Assigning business owners created smooth workflows ensuring clear, repeatable, efficient processes for key functions like procurement.

Accurate visibility into SaaS spend and usage, security and compliance gaps, and vendor performance allows CircleCI to operate at maximum efficiency without sacrificing scalability.

Blissfully does what we struggled to do before — it centralizes all our GDPR, compliance, security, risk assessment, and procurement data all in one.

Tad Whitaker, Head of Security